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Restart device

Switching off the mobile device (smartphone or tablet) from time to time is a good practice. It lets the device recover from bad operation and come back alive in a proper working state.

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I cannot pair my AlpinerX watch to my phone

If you do not manage to pair your AlpinerX watch with the app, please try the following.

  1. Close the AlpinerX app
  2. Turn-off Bluetooth (by going to your phone's settings and turning off the Bluetooth)
  3. Turn Bluetooth back on

Open the app and try to connect it

If the issue is still there, please try uninstall/reinstall the app:

  1. Turn-off Bluetooth (by going to settings/Bluetooth
  2. Delete the AlpinerX app
  3. Restart the phone
  4. Re-install the app from the AppStore
  5. Turn-on Bluetooth

Open the app and try to connect it

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I do not get notifications on my AlpinerX watch

If you do not get the notifications, please try the following:

  1. Go on the AlpinerX app, connect the watch, go to the "my watch" page and press "notifications": uncheck every boxes
  2. Unpair your watch from the AlpinerX app
  3. Quit the app, and remove it from the multitask
  4. In the Bluetooth settings of the iPhone, unpair the AlpinerX by clicking on "Forget this device"
  5. Re-open the AlpinerX app, pair and connect the watch
  6. Go to the Notification page, and check the boxes for the app you want to have the notifications

For iOS, please make sure you accept the pairing request asked by the phone. Moreover, for each application you want to receive notifications, you must enable "Show in History" in the iOS notification setting page (iOS->Settings->Notifications->"Your application"). The AlpinerX app will show you a Pop-Up window.

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How can I reset my AlpinerX watch with factory settings?

To reset your AlpinerX watch to factory settings, please follow the steps below. Please note that the data in your phone will be erased. To keep your data, you must make sure your data were saved to your AlpinerX cloud account.

  1. Connect the watch to the app
  2. Click on the lower left button on the screen
  3. Go to menu "general"
  4. Click "Reinitialize the watch"
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My watch update failed and my AlpinerX watch doesn’t respond anymore.

When performing the OTA (Over The Air) update of your AlpinerX watch, the Bluetooth connection can get lost and the watch update will fail.

The watch will then enter a static state where the hands do not move. The watch is actually waiting for the AlpinerX application to connect and re-start the update.

In most cases, the AlpinerX application will propose to re-start the OTA update. If not, or if you have killed the application, you can follow these steps:

  1. Close the AlpinerX application and open it again
  2. The AlpinerX application will show you the OTA update page in order to re-start the OTA update
  3. Press the crown pusher of the AlpinerX watch (3 o’clock pusher)
  4. Keep the AlpinerX watch as close as possible to the phone
  5. Re-start the OTA update
  6. Keep the AlpinerX watch close to the phone until the end of the OTA update
  7. In some cases, after the OTA, you may need to pair again your AlpinerX watch to your phone
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iOS/Android synching issues


This may be due to many factors, please try following tips in order of ease:

  1. Make sure your watch is paired with the application. Go to "my watch" screen, (press watch icon in the top right corner of the screen) then press button "view all watches"
  2. Restart the AlpinerX application.
  3. Turn off and on the mobile Bluetooth interface
  4. Switch off the device and switch on again


The difficulties in syncing may also come from perturbations of the environment, please try:

  1. To keep your HSW close to your mobile device
  2. To get away from other Wifi or Bluetooth sources
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My digital screen has gone black and isn't responding.

Not to worry, your AlpinerX watch just needs to be reset.

In order to do so, open your AlpinerX app and select "general" under the "settings" tab in your main menu. Then press on the button next to "reset options" and select "reset device" from the pop-up window.

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Who should I contact to get my AlpinerX repaired or serviced?

If your AlpinerX watch isn't working properly, please contact the appropriate repair center for your region:

Select SERVICE CENTERS under Category.

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Who should I contact if I have an issue with the App?

If you encounter issues with your AlpinerX application or Cloud account, please contact and select "AlpinerX" under the department choice.

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My watch's hands are stuck at 10:10

If your watch's hands are stuck at 10:10, it means that your AlpinerX reset itself.

Simply open your app and pair your watch to sync it with your phone and settings.

If the problem occurs often, please send us a ticket on and select "AlpinerX" under the department choice.

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My hands seem slightly loose / show some gage. Why?

This is perfectly normal and you shouldn't worry.

The phenomenon is very common within the engineering world and is called backlash.

Indeed, your AlpinerX isn't a traditional mechanical timepiece.

When hands would be held back by a cog in a classic mechanical watch, as the AlpinerX is a connected device, your watch's hands are held by a micromotor behind the dial.

The latter being relatively heavy, a small gage can become visible and is necessary for the well-being of the operating movement.

Our tolerance is thus normal and standard compared to other connected watches and devices on the market.