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How do I read my sleep data?

The Sleep screen shows all the data related to your sleep on a single screen.

The graph on the upper half of the screen displays periods of deep sleep, light sleep and awake time. Touch and drag your finger across the graph to view start and end times of each sleep segment.

The alarm clock icon indicates a Smart Sleep alarm.

The table on the lower half of the screen shows a summary of your sleep, including total deep sleep, total light sleep, total awake time and how many times you woke up. It even shows you how much time you took to fall asleep.

Touch the pencil icon on the awake time cell to edit the bedtime and rise time of your sleep recording, or to delete your sleep recording.

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How do I set my sleep goal?

If you'd like to change your Activity or Sleep Goals, select the Menu icon at the bottom left of the screen. From the menu, select Settings, then Goals. Rotate your finger around the display to adjust the activity goal. When finished, select the "sleep" button at the top, then adjust your sleep goal in the same manner.

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How do I change the sleep cycle alarm time?

To create or edit an alarm, select the plus icon at the bottom left corner of the screen. From the Menu, choose "sleep cycle alarms". Select "add alarm" to create a new alarm or select an existing alarm from the list to edit. Configure the alarm detail such as time, window and days of the week to repeat. Set the alarm time to the latest time you'd like to wake up. Set the window duration for the window of time prior to your alarm time which the alarm can wake you. The Sleep Cycle Alarm will choose the best time in the window to wake you up, based on where you are in light or deep sleep. Use the On/Off button to toggle the alarm on or off, then press the back button to return to the alarm list.

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Why do I need to wear my watch to record my sleep?

Wearing your watch will provide the best accuracy, but you can also place your watch under your pillow. Just be sure to tell the AlpinerX application which position you prefer to sleep in, from the settings page under "sleep mode preferences".

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How is light vs deep sleep determined?

There is a direct correlation between micro-motions of the body during sleep and sleep cycles. MMT's technology is the result of years of development based on the biomechanics of natural human motion and the mechanics of machine motion. Using the medical gold standard of Polysomnography, the sensor-fusion engine analyzes millions of anonymous nights of sleep, validates and continually improves the accuracy and reliability of the AlpinerX application.

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How does my AlpinerX detect my sleep start/stop/cycles?

The AlpinerX watch detects automatically that you started a night sleep, based on the movement measurement, and the sleep and wake-up times you provided.

At night, when the AlpinerX watch detects that you started a sleep cycle, it starts the night sleep recording. In the morning, when the watch detects that you are awake thanks to the measurement of your activity, it closes the night recording and starts measuring your activity.

At night, you must wear your AlpinerX watch to let it monitor your sleep. You can also put it under your pillow. In this case you must set it in the "Sleep mode preferences" in the "General" menu.