Where is the Cloud located? Is my data secure?

The AlpinerX cloud is hosted in Switzerland. Our strict policy follows European and Swiss rules and ensures the safe storage and total privacy of your personal data. Read more about Privacy here: https://swisscloudportal.com/privacy-policy and security of data here: https://swisscloudportal.com/security

Can I restore my data on my new phone?

Yes. You just need to log in to your AlpinerX Cloud account and your data will be restored in your AlpinerX application.

Can I visualize my data on a web front-end?

This feature will soon be available.

How do I create a cloud account?

In the menu, select "account" and create your AlpinerX cloud account.

At the first launch after installing, the application will propose to create a cloud account.

What shall I do if I lose my password?

In the menu "account", select "forgot password".