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How Do I Setup an Alarm?

To setup, an alarm, simply go to the AlpinerX app's main menu and press on "sleep cycle and standard alarms". You will arrive on a page offering you 3 options;

  1. Setting-up a "sleep cycle alarm"
    > Based on your recorded sleep data, the "sleep cycle alarm" will wake you at the optimal time before your alarm time
  2. Adding a standard alarm
    > You can setup up to 8 alarms
  3. Setting-up a snooze option
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How to Stop or Snooze an Alarm?

When the alarm rings, you can stop it or snooze it:

  • If you press the 2 o'clock pusher, the alarm will be stopped
  • If you press the crown button (at 3 o'clock) or the 4 o'clock pusher, you will snooze the alarm, it will ring again 10 minutes later.

In order to stop the snooze, you can push the 2 o'clock button when the watch rings again.