Alexandre Thomas

  • web developer
  • game designer
  • electronic musician

Fullstack Web Developer

Master's degree and more than 15 years of experience in the field of Information Systems.


  • Development and integration of websites and web applications (from showcase websites to back-office management tools)
  • Development of webservices and RESTful APIs
  • Conception and development of hybrid mobile applications (Ionic framework)
  • Games and interactive experiences development with Unity (C#)
  • HTML5 and CSS3 (Bootstrap)
  • Javascript (jQuery, Angular)
  • PHP (no-framework, Slim, Symfony2)
  • Modelisation and management of databases (SQL, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle)
  • Integration and maintenance of Wordpress websites
  • Configuration and maintenance of e-commerce websites (WooCommerce)
  • Creation of custom Wordpress plugins
  • Creation of Wordpress themes (desktop et mobile/responsive)

Past Projects

Services Concept website

Services Concept is a graphic design agency in Geneva. Creation of dedicated Wordpress theme based on the original design from the client and backend development for an efficient maintenance of the website.

MMT website

Manufacture Modules Technologies creates and produces smart and connected calibers for the watch industry (code and design).

Manufacture Hybrid campaign website

demo link

for the launch of the new Manufacture Hybrid, Frederique Constant organized an event with the american actor Mark Ruffalo. (code and design).

Frederique Constant - New Ladies Automatic

demo link

Mini-website and watch configurator to announce the launch of Ladies Automatic models (code and design).

Alpina - AlpinerX

demo link

Website for the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for the new Alpina smartwatch. The website includes a configurator to define your own personal watch (code and design).

Zero Waste Switzerland

Website for the swiss national association promoting the zero waste lifestyle (Wordpress integration and customisation).

Emeraude Suisse Capital

Website for a Geneva-based company providing financial advisory and assets management services (Wordpress integration and custom theme creation, design by Services Concept).

EauMega Technique Sàrl

Geneva-based company specialised in diagnosis abestos and floor heating (Wordpress integration and custom theme creation, design by Services Concept).

Game Designer / Game Developer

I love videogames. It's such a wonderful medium to transport people in other places or make them feel new things.
I develop games using Unity but also with Game Maker: Studio.


Break Up! And Find Love...

Match game for iPad. Free on the AppStore


A humble tribute to Myst. Available on

Jam Games

Peer Pressure

Game made in 48 hours for the Game Jam Zurich Milan 2015 collaborating with swiss and italian developers and artists.
Available on

Artful Dodger

Game made in 48 hours for the 31st edition of Ludum Dare (theme: Entire Game On One Screen).
Available on
Ludum Dare entry


Game made in 3 days in collaboration with Rémi La Marra (2D artist) and Olivier Basille (programmer)
Available on

The Last Match

Game made in 48 hours for the 28th edition of Ludum Dare (theme: You Only Get One).
Ludum Dare entry

Electronic Musician / Chiptune Artist

I compose electronic instrumental music using synths and computers. I also love to make bleeps and noise on a Game Boy.

Some examples