• Altitude
  • Barometer
  • Compass
  • GPS
  • UV Indicator
  • Thermometer
  • Activity Tracking
  • Smart Coaching
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Smart Alarms
  • Always On Time
  • Notifications
  • Time Recorder
  • Worldtimer
  • Battery 2+ Years
  • Cloud
Our altimeter function gives you the altitude by measuring the accumulated atmospheric pressure on location. During a walk in the mountain you can see the altitude in real time on the digital display. The measurements will be updated while you walk and can be read continuously.

Reach Your Summit

Alpina now presents the AlpinerX, a watch that makes no compromises. Why switch between a real watch and an unattractive plastic bracelet when you can wear a Swiss watch with pride and style? With this exciting new product, we remain faithful to our roots by combining an analogue display with a digital screen and an impressive set of connected features.

The AlpinerX was carefully conceived and designed in our manufacture in Geneva. With its sporty, powerful look, its high-quality materials and refined details, the AlpinerX makes a powerful statement and yet is an exquisite, wearable timepiece.

Companion App

The AlpinerX App works in perfect coordination with your connected watch. It keeps your data safe and saves your logs daily to help you track your progress and achieve your goals day after day.
Moreover, It enables you to easily configure the parameters of your watch and extensively logs all the measurement data and displays it on graphs. With its user-friendly interface and easy pairing system, it is a delight to use anytime anywhere and avoids you going through endless settings on your watch.

Technology Platform


The AlpinerX and its Companion App get updated regularly through-out the years to keep your watch in constant evolution in time.


Data is safely stored to keep your personal information and logs available on all your devices.


The AlpinerX is equipped with a unique Swiss Made module, produced in Geneva, Switzerland. It has been carefuly conceived and assembled to work in harmony with the Alpina Quartz movement.


Connected functions are great. But they are even better when encased in a beautiful object. The AlpinerX is a beautiful piece of Swiss watchmaking.

Unlike other connected products that house their technology in a device that you couldn’t or wouldn’t wear day after day, our watchmaking heritage has enabled us to create a beautiful piece of horology.

A smart black fiberglass case, polished applied indexes, a convenient rotating bezel, an adorned crown, the watch is a true horological beauty with countless refined details. It is the perfect companion for your leisure activities and office and urban life. It will be your ideal partner in your quest to Reach your Summit.


Understand Your Life
& Reach Your Summit

Your key to a better life starts by understanding who you are. With its data collecting and analysis, the AlpinerX will help you understand your aptitude, help set new goals and celebrate your achievements. Your AlpinerX doesn’t judge, it exists to aid you to accomplish your objectives Reach your Summit.