You Need More RAM, a Memory game

This week I completed « You Need More RAM », my game for #1GAM for February that I made using HaxeFlixel in a single week.

The flash version is online and can be played here!

« You Need More RAM » is a clone of the Memory game where you have to match pairs between cards that are face down. There are 3 levels of difficulty that allow the player to make more or less mistake. The game includes 5 different sets of cards that cycles randomly (or not if you play in Easy mode).

This was first the placeholder art for my cards but since I wanted to use normal numbers anyway, I improved them and kept them in the game.

I started making it on Sunday 24th of February and finished the next Sunday (3rd of March). Using very accurate calculations, I estimate the effective working time to be between 17 and 20 hours which I think is a quite efficient use of my time (a scarce resource these days).

Since I had already started coding something with HaxeFlixel, I decided to use it as well for making a Memory game and it went quite well. Doing so allowed me to get comfortable with the basics and have some room to explore a bit further. The aspect of game dev that I need to master currently is the structure of a game and especially the states of the game and how to manage them properly to keep a good rhythm. Using timers and lots of boolean I could make something nice but I’m sure that if I want to expand on a bigger project, I’ll need something more robust.

I wanted to make the cards even more difficult to memorize and came up with a numbering system similar to the roman numbers but not exactly.

In the end, I came up with a game that will surely not revolutionize the world of gaming but it is an important step for me to gain experience in the game development execution.

Now it’s a finished product and I did it in only 1 week! I can even consider adding more sets of card or replacing the existing sets with others to give a different theme to the game. Since it’s coded with Haxe, I can also try to port the code to other platforms such as Windows, iOS or Android.

At first I wanted to use roman numbers and then I thought it would fit well with a Dracula theme.

At the beginning I thought this game would be too simple and then I realized that I should have started with that small scope sooner! I was convinced that my previous attempts at making a game were realistic enough but after finishing this one, it seems that was already too ambitious for me. It doesn’t mean that I’ll abandon what I started previously, I’ll just put it on-hold for now.

Now on to another game idea! I’ll probably still keep it low and ignore the theme for March (eg. rogue-like) and will try to make a breakout clone.


I took some icons from the universe of Game Video Addiktz and put them on cards

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