You find yourself in Belenos, not sure what it exactly is. There are sounds around you and they don’t seem very friendly.

Find your way and bring back the light. The exploration is endless until your death.

This prototype has been done in 3 days (between 20th and 22nd of July 2015) for the One Game A Month jam with the theme « SOLAR ».

We may continue development on this game until the end of the month and maybe further if we think it’s worthwhile.

Game advice:

Use arrows or WASD to move (up arrow or space bar to jump) and left click to light up your path.
Right click is used to move hostility away.
Use the shift key to cut away strange stuff blocking doors.
If possible, play the game in fullscreen and use headphones to increase immersion.

  • Genre: Platformer/Strategy
  • Started: 20/07/2015
  • Tools: Unity
  • Release: TBD
  • Role: design, audio, pm
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