Artful Dodger

Obstacle dodging game made for Ludum Dare #31 (theme: Entire Game on One Screen)

Artful Dodger is a frantic arcade game where you must dodge whatever comes at you.

I wanted to create a world that takes shape in front of the player to keep the action on a single screen. This game is inspired by Bit Pilot, Eliss Infinity and Asteroids of course!

Use the arrow keys or WASD to pilot the spacecraft.

The game was made with Game Maker: Studio, Sprite Something and cfxr (OSX version for sfxr).
I also made a 3 chiptunes soundtrack using my precious Game Boy.

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Started: 05/12/2014
  • Tools: Gamemaker: Studio
  • Release: 08/12/2014
  • Role: everything
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