This is it!

I have been fumbling a lot the past year about making my way out in the world of game development and I’m still asking myself a LOT of questions (and I might come back to them later). Still, part of the New Year’s resolution, I’m diving a little bit more into this « activity » (dare I say « dream »?) and am opening a dev log like a lot of other fellow indie game developers do!

Welcome to this space where I’ll share my efforts, my struggles and hopefully my successes as an indie game developer. This will include graphic arts, music and coding. Indeed, I’m quite happy to have multiple skills that could allow me to run a one-man game dev shop and I would like to take advantage of all of those skills to be able to create what I want, on my own, without any external pressure.

I may sound a bit optimistic, even a bit too pretentious maybe but I know that in this world, you have to acknowledge your capabilities in order to move further!

As a kick-in-the-ass, I decided to sign-up to a challenge (and I know about such challenge for having completed a similar one last year) to complete One Game A Month! McFunkypants did setup a wonderful site for aspiring and confirmed game devs to sign up and challenge themselves to create one game each month of this year. With experience points and plenty of achievements, this challenge is making a game out of game development.

I don’t know how this will take me but I know that having a dev log is an important step in the process so this is it!

Cheers and Happy New Year!

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