Status update about me and my projects

I realized I haven’t posted to this blog since more than 2 years *shame*

I guess I didn’t find any worthy usage to it or I simply couldn’t fit the time to write in my schedule.

In the meantime, I purchased a license to Game Maker: Studio as I understood I was more interested in making game than coding. I knew I could achieve quick results using Game Maker and during the time I practiced I definitely got better in making games but actually… also programming them!

Since my last post here, I made 2 prototypes (DRIP and Break Up!) and 2 jam games (Artful Dodger and The Last Match). The prototypes are both aimed to be released on iPad but I still have no clue when. Today I posted them all on my web page along with nice animated screenshots.

Right now, the objective for me is to keep practicing game development with new ideas to turn into new prototypes and maybe having a good one worth converting to a full game.

I’ll also try to attend more game jams (on site and online) in order to keep the mojo and improve my skills.

That’s it for now.


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