Draft of my January game: Ace Cargo

At last, I could start working on my January game. I had the idea of making a remake of one of the first games I ever played: Cuthbert from Space on the QL Sinclair.

Cuthbert In Space is a game made of single screen levels where the player controls a spaceship to collect fuel tanks and bring them back to the master ship.

To make this first game, I decided to use Game Maker and I already have a title for it: Ace Cargo

So far, I could write down the gameplay mechanic and started implementing the motion scheme of the spaceship in Game Maker. Afger some struggles, I could achieve something quite satisfactory (meaning close to the original and nicely playable).

I started playing with Game Maker Lite on OSX but, in my quest to upscale the graphics using surfaces and views, I found out that the Mac Lite version of GM doesn’t support views so I decided to switch to Game Maker: Studio (GMS) on Windows and then discovered that surfaces are only supported by the Pro version and that the screen_refresh function (used by Chevy Ray in his seamless scaling tutorial on TIGSource) is deprecated.

I guess I might just stop trying to upscale for now and will just resize my images…

In the meantime, I’m having a look at HaXe NME which seems quite promising!

I’ll post the gameplay ideas of Ace Cargo in my next blog post. Stay tuned!

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