Ace Cargo (a Cuthbert In Space remake)

You are one of the finest pilot of a space company specialized in recovery of lost cargo from hostile environment.


  • Each level starts with the landing of the recovery cargo ship on an unknown planet.
  • A level is made of platforms where cargo boxes are scattered.
  • You need to fly with your ship to collect the boxes and bring them back to the cargo ship.
  • At the beginning, you can pick one box at a time…
  • Unfortunately, some enemies will be here to make your task more difficult (this is why they pay you so much my friend). Sometimes it will be space pirates, sometimes local fauna and flora, sometimes local inhabitants who don’t like to be bothered.
  • Once all the boxes are collected and since the captain of the cargo ship is a cheap bastard, you will need to collect yourself the fuel for the cargo to fly back to the station. Fortunately, the company you work will throw those from above using parachutes. Make sure to collect the fuel barrels quickly before they disappear (either stolen by space pirate or blasted by local forces).
  • At the beginning, you will not be able to retaliate but if you collect enough boxes, you will be able to purchase power-ups for your ship such as cannon, extra box storage slot or a better engine to move faster… Power-ups can be purchased only between levels when you fly back to your home station.
  • First levels will be one-screen levels but then they might become a bit larger than that but always revolving around the cargo ship landing area.
  • Either a vertical scrolling or horizontal scrolling (need to check for both axis scrolling)
  • You get money bonus if you collect the boxes and the fuel fast enough.
  • Gravity fluctuates from planet to planet. Storm winds may affect visibility and piloting.

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