Latest jam game for #1GAM July 2015: Belenos

Yesterday we put the finishing touch on a jam game we did this month with 2 other fine game dev from Geneva.

The game is called Belenos and is an exploration/survival game that uses the theme SOLAR from the OneGameAMonth (#1GAM) challenge for July 2015.



We did the main part over the course of 3 days while staying in the house of the main programmer. The game is made with Unity and is a 2D platformer that present extensive usage of light and shadows.

For this game, I did mostly game design, level design and audio but I also did some coding here and there and I kind of managed the whole thing together (thank you Trello!) if there is anything that’d need to be managed for such compact team and project.

What I liked

It was a bit different from a usual game jam as we started working on it 3 weeks after the theme announcement and we even made a pre-meeting to brainstorm and organise the development. In that sense, it was another different and enriching experience.

Olivier and Rémi the 2 guys I joined for this game are nice people with great ideas and solid skills. Olivier was the programmer and Rémi was the artist. Their roles were clear and we didn’t waste much time in organising who does what. I guess that’s the usual benefit of game jams with small teams. Overall the working ambiance was great and we all had pleasure working together.

What I didn’t like

We made the game in Unity which was great for me to keep learning it especially with Olivier who is experienced with it but… But I’m frustrated that we didn’t really exploited the potential and upsides of the engine by doing a 2D game that doesn’t use much of Unity signature features (especially lighting and collision which Olivier ended coding himself most of it).

I knew and understood that we had to carve our own path into the engine to make it perform what we wanted but I still hoped that we could get something more from it; something that would let me think that, yes, Unity was the right choice to make this game. Honestly, I think any other engine would have worked as good if not better to make this prototype. At least it was still a good experience and I got to learn a lot from it once again.

Go try the game!

Enough rambling! Go get the game, it’s free and available right now on!
Please, please, give as much feedback as you can (use the comment section below), thanks in advance!

>>> Belenos #1GAM July 2015 <<<

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